COVID-19 update

In line with the latest restrictions, we’re excited to announce our centre is reopening from Friday 18 June. Read more.

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The safety of our customers is our top priority.

Please find the latest centre and COVID-safe information that applies to our site below.

Current status: last updated Thursday 17 June

The Victorian Government has announced the easing of restrictions from Friday 18 June.
In line with the latest restrictions, we’re excited to announce our centre is reopening from Friday 18 June.
All current health and wellness membership payments will resume on Friday 18 June (one day later than usual). Regular debits will commence the following fortnight as per the normal schedule. Direct debits will be adjusted to reflect the closure period.  
Gymnastics memberships remain suspended at this time. The program will recommence when restrictions ease further and we will advise you accordingly.
Even though we’re providing fewer services than usual, we’re keeping our regular operating hours to allow as many members as possible to return safely.
Due to density restrictions, we have set up a booking system to manage the number of people visiting the centre. Bookings for group fitness can be made 48 hours in advance by sending a text message to 0458 388 149. Please text us with your name, member number, class type and class time and we will book you in to the class.
Class capacity is 10 people for indoor group fitness classes and 20 people for outdoor group fitness classes. The first 10 or 20 people to text will be booked into the class. We will text you back if you are unsuccessful in booking your class.
No bookings will be required for member attendance to the health club, and entry will be managed based on capacity limits.
To ensure you, the community and our staff are kept safe, we are implementing the following safety measures.

Contact tracing at our centre

Our centre is using the Victorian Government Contact Tracing System.

Please ensure you are ready when you visit to scan the QR Code on site and complete minor details to record your visit.

For more information relating to the Victorian Government Contact Tracing application, please visit the Service Victoria website.

Our centre will comply with any physical distancing or venue density requirements as outlined by the Victorian Government.

All spaces within the centre have been measured and density limits per space will be displayed and imposed.

In some areas, staff and visitors may be counted as they enter and exit spaces.

  • Signage and instructions

    At our centre, you will see signage and instructions on how everyone can be COVID-safe. Hygiene and density signage will be displayed throughout the facility to help everyone with physical distancing requirements.

  • Training for staff

    All staff have completed the Department of Health COVID-safe training, as well as additional training provided by YMCA Victoria to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to keep you safe. We have also provided additional training for specific roles to ensure all programs operate safely with venue density requirements in place.

  • Venue density requirements

    In line with current requirements Venue Density limits based off the applicable Government Guidelines of either 1 person to 2m² or 4m² will apply to the Centre. This Density limit will be applied to the Centre as a whole, as well as all individual spaces within the Centre. All spaces within the centre have been measured and density limit per space will be displayed and imposed. In some areas staff and visitors may be counted as they enter and exit spaces.

    Please remember that we must all play our part in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. If a visitor does not follow our COVID-safe practices, including Venue Density requirements, they may politely be asked to leave the facility by a staff member.

  • Increased hygiene and cleaning

    You will notice that hand sanitiser is available throughout the centre with the expectation that everyone (staff and visitors) regularly sanitises their hands.

    The entire centre is cleaned regularly and in line with current requirements high touch points, such as doors, toilets and gym equipment, will be cleaned at minimum twice a day.

    Staff will also be wiping down gym equipment regularly and antibacterial wipes will be available for visitors to use before and after using equipment.

  • Process for a confirmed case

    Our staff have been trained to ensure that if there is a confirmed case at the centre, they have the tools and resources they need to close down safely. All visitors must sign in using the QR code, which allows us to contact trace those people who were at the centre. There will also be a contamination clean prior to reopening.

    Please do not visit the centre if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, tiredness, cold, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath or headache. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention and be checked for COVID-19 at one of the testing stations across the state.