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Everyone is welcome to use our facilities for a casual entry fee. If you're a regular user, a membership is a better value option. To find out more about our memberships, visit our memberships page.

Visit us during our opening hours or feel free to contact us.

  • Health and fitness memberships
    Membership type  Price per week Joining fee
    Full Access
    Full access (adult)  $22.60  $29.00 
    Full access (concession)   $18.05  $29.00 
    Full acess flexi membership (no lock-in contact)  $22.60 $80.00 
    Full access restricted*  $18.05  $29.00 
    Full access restricted flexi membership (no lock-in contract)*     $18.05 $80.00 
    Mind and body  
    Mind and body commitment membership $18.05 $29.00 
    Mind and body flexi membership (no lock-in contact)   $18.05 $80.00 
    High school (no lock-in contract) $12.90 $0
    Corporate Contact us for more details
    Membership fees are debited fortnightly.
    *Restricted access hours are limited to 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday to Friday, and all day Saturday and Sunday.
  • Gymnastic membership classes

     Gymnastic membership classes

     Price per class

    Pre-gym  (ages: 2.5 - 4 years)  $19.80
    Kinderfun (ages: 4 - 5 years)  $19.80
    Launchpad: Gymbasics (ages 5 - 6 years)  $19.80
    Launchpad: Gymfun (ages :7-8 years)  $19.80
    Launchpad: Gymskills (ages: 9+ years)  $19.80
    Launchpad: Gymskills Advanced  $36.00
    Gymstar: Junior (ages 5 - 14 years) (Gymstar is for those who have progressed from the Launchpad classes)  $19.80
    Gymstar (ages 5 - 14 years) (Gymstar is for those who have progressed from the Launchpad classes)  $41.70
    Gym4Me (ages: 10 - 16 years) (Gym4Me is a beginner class for teenagers)  $19.80
    Access (Inclusive and special needs class)  $19.80
    Payment is made fortnightly by direct debit.  
    Gymnastics Victoria Registration fee Annual Price
    All members $52.00

    At the beginning of each enrolment for membership classes, all members are charged the Gymnastics Victoria annual registration fee. This charge includes Personal Injury Insurance Cover as well as membership benefits and special discounts from Gymnastics Victoria. (The discounts include food, health and wellness special offers as well as cinema ticket discounts at Village, Hoyts and Palace.)

Casual prices

  • Casual gymnastic classes

    Casual Gymnastics Classes

    Price per session
    PlayGym (1st child)      $10.00
    PlayGym (2 or more children from the same family) $9.00
    Adult gymnastics $18.80
    Payment is made on the day when you arrive.   
  • Gym

    Single visit
    Gym access (standard) $18.30
    Gym access (concession) $14.30
  • Group fitness
    Group fitness class - standard $18.30
    Group fitness class - concession $14.30
    Active Adults (50+) class*
    Active Adults (50+) 10 classes*
    *Access to our Active Adults classes. Includes Active Movers, Body Balance, Lift for Life,Tone and Zumba.
  • Personal training

    One-on-one session

    Member price Non-member price 
    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes $78.60 $99.19

    Two-on-one session

    Member price Non-member price 
    30 minutes
    $53.90 ($26.95 each) $66.64
    45 minutes
    $69.40 ($34.70 each) $85.80
    60 minutes
    $86.50 ($43.25 each) $106.96
  • Stadium
    Casual shooting - unlimited time $3.30
    Basketball court hire - per 45 min $25.00
  • Tennis court hire
    Tennis Court Hire - unlimited time $8.90 
  • Birthday parties
    Cost per child $20.00
    Please note: An initial $100 deposit needs to be made at the time of booking.

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