Last updated: 01.07.2020

As many of you will have already heard, the Victorian Government announced on Tuesday 30 June that the COVID-19 ‘hot zone’ areas in Victoria will be returning to Stage Three restrictions from 11.59pm Wednesday 1 July.

Our centre is not in one of the hot zones and will remain open. However, the surge in COVID-19 cases across the state is a reminder to us all that following the government’s health advice is vital to help stop the spread of the virus.

Please remember to practise good hygiene and make a conscious effort to social distance when you leave your home – this includes when you visit our centre.

The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and the community remains our number one priority. To ensure you are kept safe at our centre, we have implemented a number of safety measures across YMCA-managed sites. These include increased hygiene and cleaning, COVID-19 training for staff, and signage and instructions to help with physical distancing.

Now more than ever, we must all work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 and help keep each other safe.

Last updated: 24.06.2020

As of Monday June 22nd, Macleod Recreation and Fitness Centre has reopened. 

During this time access to the facility, programs and services will be charged through a session fee:

  • Gym / Health Club | $7.00 per session | Book Now
  • Group Fitness | $12.50 per class | Book Now

All sessions must be pre-booked, no more than 48 hours in advance. This can be done via the website or calling the centre on (03) 9459 9022 during our open hours.
If you are unable to attend a booked session you can cancel your session through your booking confirmation email, or alternatively by calling us. With limited numbers of people able to access the facility at any one time, it is really important that you let us know if you cannot make it so that the booking can be accessed by someone else.

Please ensure you bring with you a sweat towel and a refillable drink bottle. If you do not have a towel you will be unable to enter the centre. 

While the facility is operating at a limited capacity and with restrictions in place, memberships will not be reactivated. Once more restrictions are eased, we will be in touch with our members about reactivating memberships.

Please also note, at this stage the gym and group fitness classes are the only operating programs of our facility. We look forward to reopening our gymnastics and other programs in the near future. Communications about this will be sent out prior to them reopening. 


Updated: 18.06.2020

nce the Victorian Government announced the easing of restrictions, our staff have been working around the clock to ensure we have all of the measures in place to keep you and the community safe when we reopen. 

Although the government has announced that certain programs and services can reopen from Monday 22 June, it does not mean they will reopen at our centre straight away. We are working with our council partners to ensure we consider the safety of our staff and the community, equity of access for our members and the commercial viability before we reopen. 

Below are the services that will be reopening and when:  

  • Gym access – Monday 22 June - Book Now
  • Group fitness classes – Monday 22 June - Book Now
  • Casual basketball shooting – Monday 13 July

All other programs and services that are not listed above will remain closed. In addition, our change rooms, lockers and showers are subject to social distancing restrictions, which means only six people are allowed in them at a time. 
To ensure your safety and the safety of our staff, we are implementing a number of changes to make your return to our centre is as smooth as possible. Please read the below safety measures prior to attending the centre.

  • Staff Training

    All staff have completed the Department of Health COVID-safe training, as well as additional training provided by YMCA Victoria to ensure they are equipped with the knowledge to keep you safe once we reopen. We have also provided additional training for specific roles to ensure all programs operate safely with social distancing requirements in place.

  • Booking online

    To ensure we are following the government’s health guidelines, there will be a restricted number of people allowed within a space at any given time. So no one misses out, we have set up an online booking system where you can select a session time that suits you and pay immediately to secure your place. You can also book and pay over the phone by calling our centre on 9459 9022.

    Book a gym session


    Book a group fitness session
    At this time, membership payments will not resume. You will be given notice prior to your direct debits recommencing.
    Please remember that our change rooms, lockers and showers are subject to social distancing restrictions, so you will need to arrive prepared for your activity. This includes bringing a towel, water bottle and warm clothes. 

  • Temperature scanning on entry
    We will be trialing temperature scanning on entry in the initial phases of operation. Please make sure you arrive 10 minutes early to your session so you have enough time to sign in and get your temperature checked. All staff and visitors will be scanned upon entry and anyone who displays a temperature of 38°C will be asked to wait 5-10 minutes before trying again before being politely asked to leave.

    Consider your mode of transport and allow time to cool down if you are actively transporting to the centre. 
  • Signage and instructions
    Once you are inside the centre, you will see signage and instructions on how staff and visitors can be COVID-safe. Hygiene signage and floor, seat and bench stickers will be displayed throughout the facility to help everyone with physical distancing requirements.
  • Social distancing in centre

    A safe distance of 1.5 metres between people will be required throughout the centre and programs. All spaces within the centre have been measured and 4 metres squared restrictions per space will be enforced. Staff and visitors will be counted as they enter and exit spaces, and some seats and equipment have been removed to ensure social distancing is possible.

    Please remember that we must all play our part in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. If a visitor does not follow our COVID-safe practices, including social distancing requirements, they may politely be asked to leave the facility by a staff member.

  • Hygiene and cleaning
    When you arrive at the facility, the first thing you will notice is hand sanitiser at all entry and exit points, with the expectation that everyone (staff and visitors) sanitise their hands before entering. Hand sanitiser will be available throughout the centre and in bathrooms.  

    The entire facility will be cleaned every 24 hours and high touch points, such as doors, toilets and gym equipment, will be cleaned regularly throughout the day. Staff will also be wiping down gym equipment regularly and antibacterial wipes will be available for visitors to use before and after using equipment.
  • Our 8-step plan for a confirmed case
    Our staff have been trained to ensure that if there is a confirmed case at the centre, they have the tools and resources they need to close down safely. All visitors will have to sign in at reception when they attend their session, which allows us to contact trace those people who were at the centre. There will also be a contamination clean prior to reopening.  

    Please do not visit the centre if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, tiredness, cold, sore throat, runny nose, shortness of breath or headache. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please seek medical attention and be checked for COVID-19 at one of the testing stations across the state.